Mould Lubricating Agent Sprayer Cleaner Pneumatic Spray Gun For Die Cast Machine


Mould Lubricating Agent Sprayer Cleaner Pneumatic Spray Gun For Die Cast Machine

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700mm Two-position Self-suction Double-pipe Spray Gun For Die-Casting Machine Release Agent Lubricating Fluid Sprayer 

spray gun realizes automatic remote conveying and spraying of liquid coating with the principle that the negative pressure is produced by the sudden expansion of the compressed air in the spray nozzle; it is classified into two types: two-position self-suction adjustable double-pipe spray gun, and two-position self-suction adjustable composite-pipe spray gun. The atomization quantity and area of the double-pipe spray gun are adjustable, the gas discharge and atomization quantity of composite-pipe spray gun are adjustable. The gas discharge position is used for uniform drying of the coating by blowing and for the removal of the mold residues, while the liquid discharge position is used for the spray of the liquid coating.


Instruction for use

1.       Gas inlet connector is connected with the gas source connecting pipe, and liquid inlet connector  is connected with the liquid conveying pipe, and these connectors are bundled by iron wires or hose clamps;

2.       The other end of liquid conveying pipe is inserted into the open coating bucket, and the pipe opening shall be higher than the bucket bottom, avoiding being blocked by the residues;

3.       Operation procedures: open the first position (gas source valve spool) for the discharge of the compressed air, and open the first and second positions at the same time (liquid valve spool) for the coating spraying;

4.  Gas discharge quantity and the amount of spray may be adjusted by adjusting the gas regulating valve spool and liquid regulating valve spool.

Technical parameters:

compressed air pressure: o.4-0.8MPa, effective coating lift height<4.0m;

Different spray gun length for choose: 500mm, 

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